Retry Notification

Your Notification URL must response with HTTP status 2xx to confirm the transaction notification is received.

If your URL doesn't respond with this status, we'll make 3 attempts to deliver the HTTP Notification. We'll stop retrying once we receive a response from your server or if there's still no response.

NoInternal from previous attemptsInterval from original attempts


30 minutes

30 minutes


5 hours 30 minutes

6 hours


11 hours 30 minutes

12 hours

Manual Retry Notification

If you wish to do manual retry for the notification, follow the steps given below:

  1. Login to DOKU Back Office

  2. Go to Menu Integration > HTTP Notification

  3. Find the notification that you want to try, you could utilize the filter

  4. Click the retry icon (plane) to resend the notification

  1. Notification successfully published!

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