Virtual Account

DOKU provides various payment channels. One of the most used by our merchants is Virtual Account. By using this payment channels, your customer can pay their order through bank transfer and DOKU will notify you once the payment is completed by your customer. DOKU has partnered with various banks to help you provide many payment options for your customers.

Features for Virtual Account

Virtual Account Number Component

Virtual Account number which is displayed to customer, contains two parts. The first part is the company code (BIN) and the second part is unique VA Number.

There are 2 types of general features that can be used with Virtual Accounts :

  1. Register : The VA number will be registered to DOKU and Acquirer will inquiry to our side when the customer make payment at the acquirer channel (ATM, mobile banking, internet banking, etc.)

  1. Direct Inquiry ( DIPC ) : The VA number is registered on merchant side and DOKU will forward Acquirer inquiry request to merchant side when the customer make payment at the acquirer channel (ATM, mobile banking, internet banking, etc.). Component VA Number : BIN and Unique VA Number.


By default, DOKU will register your business with Doku Generate Payment Code feature which means BIN for VA will be generated by DOKU side. But there is no limit for you to be able to use 2 features at the same time. What it can't do is that 1 transaction uses 2 features at the same time.


If you want to use MGPC or DIPC, then please contact the care team to get a BIN as a component for the VA Number.

Billing Type

Billing type is a type of feature used by merchants to determine the method of payment for their customers when they are in Inquiry. In case, the customer can input the amount according to their expected amount or the customer can also pay according to the amount that has been determined by the merchant.

Here is a billing type and their defenition that can be implemented into virtual account transactions.

Applicable for Channel

For your information, each acquirer has its own rules. There is an Acquirer that doesn't support billing type. Here's the checklist :

BNI Only

BNI have a special rules, billing type for BNI are OPEN, FIXED, INSTALLMENT, MIN, OPEN MIN and OPEN MAX. You can see the detail, in BNI Section.

BIN Rules

In accordance with the explanation regarding the Virtual Account Component, BIN is one of the components to create a virtual account. So, here's an explanation regarding BIN rules and adapt them to your needs.


These rules only apply to Aggregator Partnership Models, which means merchants use DOKU's BIN.

Maximum virtual account number is 16 digit.

Reusable Status

Reusable Status is a parameter in API to indicate if Payment Code can be paid more than once, set this to true if merchants wish to enable it.

Here is a reusable status explanation. Set this value in the API, to implement reusable status.


By default, DOKU will set the value to false, if you don't send this parameter on request.

What's next?

You can learn more about how to integrate to each payment channels you wish by clicking the menu on the sidebar.

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