CIMB Direct Debit

Integration Steps

Here is the overview of how to integrate with CIMB Direct Debit ::

Account Binding

Merchant can binding CIMB account to customer id, each account can only binding to one customer on one merchant. Customer need to verify OTP and input PIN on CIMB page.

Here is the flow for Account Binding :

API Endpoint

Here is the sample request header, request body and response body for Account Binding - CIMB :

OTP Verification

Once a customer has linked their account through the CIMB platform, merchants needs to verify the account. Merchant can hit this API to verify the OTP :

Here is the flow for OTP Verification :

API Endpoint


After merchant check the balance, merchant can hit this API to do payment. DOKU will deduct customer's balance.

Here is the flow for Payment CIMB :

API Endpoint

Acknowledge Payment Notification

After the payment is being made by your customer, DOKU will send HTTP Notification to your defined Notification URL. Learn how to handle the notification from DOKU .

Additional Feature

Online Refund

Merchant can refund the transaction to DOKU. Hit this API to refund the transaction. Currently DOKU Support Full Refund.

Here is the Refund Flow :

API Endpoint

Account Unbinding

In case you need to remove the customer data on DOKU, hit this API to unbinding the customer data.

API Endpoint

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