Checkout Settings

For a seamless and brand-consistent invoicing experience, we recommend configuring your payment page settings before issuing your first invoice. Access the dedicated Checkout Settings section within your DOKU Dashboard nor API requests to personalize your invoices in a variety of ways.

Use your preferred Payment Method

You can configure your preferred payment method that will appear on your Checkout Page. Please make sure that the payment method service already active by following this section.

  1. Specify Payment Method via Dashboard

    You can choose which payment method that will be show and the order.

    1. Login to DOKU Dashboard

    2. Go to Setting > Checkout Page > Payment Method Settings Tab

    3. Click on your chosen payment method by tick on the checkbox

    4. Drag the line icon to set the payment method order

    5. Click save

  2. Specify Payment Method via API Request

    DOKU allows you to customize your payment experience by setting your preferred payment methods based on API requests. This comes in handy in several situations:

    • Controlling the payment method appearance: You can choose which payment methods appear on your website and map the certain payment method. This gives you the greater control over the user interface and branding.

    • Offering targeted payment options: You can tailor the available payment methods to specific customer segments or purchase types. For example, you might offer faster checkout options for high-value orders or display local payment methods for international customers.

Note: You don't need to create multiple DOKU client IDs to achieve these customizations. The API request approach provides a flexible and efficient way to manage your preferred payment methods.

"payment": {
      "payment_method_types": [

For details of supported payment methods, please refer to this section

The payment method appearance priority takes place on payment method setup by API request. So in case your API request is like below,

"payment": {
      "payment_method_types": [

and the payment method you checked is more than the payment method above, then what will appear on the checkout page is the payment method that you entered in the API request (provided that the checkout page status is active on the dashboard).

Custom Expiry Time

  1. Custom order payment due date via Dashboard

    You can set the default of order payment due date (expiry time) via DOKU Dashboard, by following step below.

    1. Login to DOKU Dashboard

    2. Go to Setting > Checkout Page > Payment Method Settings Tab

    3. Go to due date section, input your preferred due date (in hours and minutes)

    4. Click save

  2. Custom order payment due date via API Request

    You also could set the payment due date from API request, this refer to each order created.

"payment": {
      "payment_due_date": 60

If you are not put the parameterpayment_due_dateon your API request and Dashboard, the payment_due_date will automatically set by default in 60 minutes

Custom Result Page URL

Use this feature if you want to set a custom result URL for customers to be redirected to after generating a payment code or making a payment.

By default, DOKU will redirect the customer to DOKU success page. But you can override that configuration by specifying callbacks.url parameter. This will allow you to have specific redirect for each specific payment.

Customize Interface of Checkout Page

DOKU Checkout integrates seamlessly with your website or app, letting you personalize the checkout experience with your brand elements. Upload your logo, choose from a range of header styles, and set your preferred language to create a familiar and cohesive checkout flow that builds trust and boosts conversions.

You could set the DOKU checkout interface via DOKU Dashboard, by follow these step :

  • Login to DOKU Dashboard

  • Go to Setting > Checkout Page > Interface Settings

  • Adjust your company logo

  • Set your checkout default language

  • Adjust checkout interface by your preferred color, luckily you can compare the desktop and mobile view!

  • Click save!

Credit card installment - show tenor based on preference

Note: Regarding credit card installment settings, merchants need to register their MID with their acquirer for full functionality. For detailed information on MID registration, please refer to this section.

Use case :

If you only want to display general installment options for all acquirers (not specific to individual acquirers), you can do so through the API request.

For example, even though BCA offers 3, 6, and 12-month installments, you can choose to show only 3 and 6 months in your interface.

The sample request is :

  "allow_tenor" : [3,6]

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