Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) Integration Guide

ABU is a service that allows you as DOKU merchants to inquire about the validity or changes in Customer's Cards Information. This service is open to PCI DSS merchants only

Every year, Approximately 30% of recurring card transactions fail because of expired cards or changed card information, With ABU integration, ABU allows you to get updated card information from your Customers who use the MasterCard Brand Credit Cards, thus increasing your business's success rate for recurring Cards transaction. Here is the overview of how ABU works :

  1. Upload File card registration via ABU SFTP

  2. Receive the result file in the Result ABU SFTP Folder

  3. Update expired/changed cards

  4. Send payment using direct API or Batch Upload with the updated cards

Preparation for New Merchant

There some steps need to be prepared if you want to integrate with DOKU Checkout Page :

User Registration

In this section, DOKU Dashboard sandbox environment is used to integrate process to our ABU page. Sandbox is use for testing purpose where you can explore our features without making any real Cards. In DOKU, it is very easy to get Sandbox access and explore our products. You can create the account by following the steps

Go to Account > Service > Add Service > Financial Services > Cards Mastercard ABU

The activation will be processed after passing several layer of security check in DOKU, kindly wait or you can occasionally ask our Sales team regarding the Update

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